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Monday, February 23, 2009

Vrishya Chikitsa or Vajeekarana Chikitsa or Sexual Health in Ayurveda

Vrishya chikitsa or vajeekarana chikitsa refers to Ayurvedic aphrodisiac therapy, one anga (branch) of ashtanga Ayurveda (eight pronged Ayurveda). Vajeekarana chikitisa (also called vrishya chikitsa) has the as a rule respected side in Ayurvedic treatment. Vrishya chikitsa is the method of escalation sukra dhathu, or the reproductive tissues of the body. Ayurveda considers mentally and physically strong offspring as the trap pebbles of a in good physical shape opportunity society. Thus, the standard aim of Ayurvedic aphrodisiac therapy is expected at the birth of healthy children.

However, the lax lifestyle of kings and landed gentry mandatory the Ayurvedic practitioners to facilitate the kings to assemble another women and to bump into their unholy sexual appetite. Ayurveda however doesn?t approve unhealthy sexual practices.

Vrishya chikitsa described in Ashtang Ayurveda addresses the reasons for sexual inefficiency and directs the use of quite a lot of aphrodisiac herbs and mineral deposits to enhance the vitality. Charaka, in his excellent Ayurvedic classic symbols Charaka Samhita has prescribed the use of aphrodisiacs with the aim of enhance the might of a person.

The herbs and therapy are for both men and women. The aphrodisiacs moreover nourishes the body.

Nearby are prehistoric scripts to facilitate intimate celibacy as the preeminent way of well life. Nevertheless, Ayurveda dismisses this behold as impracticable. Shukra or shukla, the reproductive handkerchief of the bulk is furthermore trustworthy for the exemption of our body. present are confident qualifications for the lady to give rise to sex through a man, the in the beginning among them is she must be the wife of the man.

Vajeekaran chikitsa strengthens all dhatus (tissues) of the dead body and gives a official of health and relaxed organism to the person.

Vrishya chikitsa (Ayurvedic aphrodisiac therapy) involves source of revenue in precise compliance including Ayurvedic tips and intriguing herbs or herbal combinations with the purpose of have aphrodisiac properties. Shilajit, Mucuna Pruriens (naikkurana), Aswagandha, etc are in good health branded Ayurvedic aphrodisiacs with the purpose of furnish bonus sexual right to couples and allow them to allot birth to healthy children.

Treatments for sex correlated harms enter Ayurvedic panchakarma, press therapies, Rasayana Chikitsa, etc.

Salya Tantra - Ayurvedic Surgery

Surgery has longer times past than behavior with medicines in Ayurveda. Salya Tantra or the procedure of surgery is one of the eight twigs (asthanga) of Ayurveda. Ayurvedic surgeons are traditionally known as Dhanwantareeyas (after Dhanwantary).

Lady Dhanwantary?s persona has in his one offer a pot of Amrit (the divine nectar of immortality) and in the other a leech, suggestive of surgery. Dhanwantary has in the past in use incarnation as a human, as the son of the emperor of Kashy. (Human) Dhanwantary?s great grandson, Divodasa was an professional in Salya Tantra or surgery. Sushrutha, Ouradra, Pushkalavada and Oupadhenan had their instruction beneath Divodasa.

Dhanwantary and Jeevaka did surgery for brain, while Nimi particular in ophthalmologic surgery. Bhoja was an connoisseur to pick up the check wounds occurred on or after weapons (sword, arrow, etc) and Sushruta specialized in decorative false surgery. Westerners got the sketch of false surgery, while a resident Ayurvedic general practitioner re-created the nose of a British soldier named Kovaski, which he lost in a movement together with Tipu Sultan of Mysore in 1792. Now Sushrutha is regarded as the priest of progressive plastic surgery.

Nearby are surgical methods for treating bodily pimples, cancer, cataract, bones and diseases so as to imitate urinary bladder, liver, intestine, etc. Surgical methods were and proficient on ear, nose and throat. Dental surgery too was not rare.

Surgery had three main phases, poorva fate (pre-surgery), Sashtrakriya (surgery) and paschath providence (post-surgical treatment). Poorva fortune involves diagnosing the disease and the part of the corpse with the purpose of affects the shape of the human being and pashchath providence refers to pillar surgical care.

Sasthrakriya is the Sanskrit word of surgery. Sasthra channel a weapon and kriya agency and action. along these lines sasthrakriya or surgery is an dogfight with a mace or tool. here are nearly 108 changed tools second-hand in surgery, all of them exhibit signal similarities together with the surgical instruments with the intention of allopathic surgeons use.

In Kerala (and India) production among blood was careful an lesser thing. The general practitioner additionally was reliable for the vigor of the patient. If any solemn injure happens to the patient, the doctor had inclusive responsibility. He regular got overthrow sentence. All these contain led to the extinction of surgery in India.

ENT in Ayurveda - Shalakya Tantra

Shalakya tantra is one together with the eight brushwood of Ashtanga Ayurveda. Shalakya Tantra deals together with diseases with the purpose of put on parts beyond collar ? eyes, nose, throat, ears, and head. Shalakya tantra has a mixture of techniques to diagnose and go into different diseases to move eyes, and extra parts.

All the three major classics of Ayurveda ? Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and ashtanga Hridaya deals together with Shalakya Tantra. According to Ayurveda in attendance are 72 netra roga (eye diseases), 11 osta roga (lip diseases), one gand rog (lymph disease), 23 danta rog (dental diseases), 6 jihva rog (tongue diseases), eight talu rog (palate), 18 gal rog (throat diseases), and eight savagat mukhrog (diseases upsetting bragging cavity and face).

Sushrut Samhita tells in detail regarding surgical treatment of diverse eye diseases and protective dealings to thwart spread of infections. Sushruta, considered to be the head branded human surgeon, and describes the methods of deduction of unwanted growths enjoy tumors.

Shalakya Tantra deals not simply and foremost remedy trial for diseases disturbing thin-skinned parts of the head, but what's more puts detailed guidance a propos easy family remedies for diseases be fond of migraine, infections in eye, ears and other parts.

Ayurvedic Toxicology

Damshtra Chikitsa (toxicology)? is one among the eight branches (ashtanga) of Ayurveda. It comes in the section called Agata Tantra. The statement ?damshtra? memorizes the teeth of a venomous snake.

Visha is any substance that can source illness or even downfall to man or any living thing.

Visha is the opposite of Amrit, which gives immortality to man. no matter which can turn into toxic at what time full in an surplus amount. An accurate definition of venom is in truth not possible. There are a number of plants with the intention of have well lethal fruits or flowers. The similar fruits or plant life or extra parts can be worn as a element for very well in effect medicine to treat many serious diseases and conditions.

The substances to facilitate cause illness can by and large be called toxins. The central divisions now are toxins as of bites of snake, insects, etc and intake of contaminant by eating, drinking or inhaling. Toxic plants and deposit products absorb the crucial priority here. contrary cooking too can act as toxin.

The a large amount discussed topic, free radicals in medical circuits is an example of endo-toxin.

Though viewed as well as terror, no more than a few species of snake actually has venom strong enough to kill a human being. Snake venom can produce critical destruction to blood structure ? this later causes surroundings akin to anemia, asthma, etc. Proper drug can put off such situations on or after occurring.

Insect bites
Insect bites can begin pain, itching, boils, etc. Ayurveda suggests distinctive medicines for precise species to use underneath given conditions. The medicines can break results only when administered in the desired manner.

Artificial Toxins
Insecticides, chemicals, food additives, vegetables and fruits mature through the facilitate of fertilizers, pesticides etc are all artificial toxins. Autoimmune diseases flesh out due to the intake of artificial toxins for a lengthy period. Medicines that depend solely on substance combinations can advocate the person to an extreme rotation of killing a toxin through another one, and soon after declining quarry to a pollutant that is formidable in his body.

Balachikitsa, Peadiatrics in Ayurveda

Balachikitsa (pediatrics) in Ayurveda is one between the eight undergrowth of Ashtanga Ayurveda. Other luminary for Bala chikitsa is Kaumarbhritya or Kaumara bhritya. Caring of children follows two core methods - preventive and treating methods. protective methods shrink even rather than the birth of child. In fact, it begins equal before the spawn is conceived within the womb of a woman. innovative food, pleasing mind, sound atmosphere, etc are compulsory for the care for to give birth to a well child.

Balachikitsa covers unusual anxiety to be prearranged to the child in each and all podium of growth.? to order prepared liniment is functional to the whole body, not including head, mainly to avoid imminent diseases caused due to vata. The room anywhere the baby is kept is fresh by smoking with medicinal herbs with the aim of have sterilizing and cleaning properties.

The top food for a new intuitive baby is breast milk.

Bala (pronounced ba-lah) funds kids below the age of 16. virtually all diseases to upset adults hit brood too. Diagnosis of the disease can be a bit difficult plus children. Kids and offspring are too prearranged much slash doses medicines than to adults.

Vagbhata in his classical writings, Ashtanga Samgraha and Ashtanga Hridaya, which are more often than not descriptions and abstract of up to that time available books, Charaka Samhita and Sushruta Samhita tells in detail about Balachikitsa as well as prenatal, natural and post birth care to be particular to children. vigorous children are responsible for healthy society ? this is the unquestionable vista of Ayurveda. It not only deals in addition to the physical care, but also the requisite of giving strong cuisine for the mind. Ayurveda believes that both fit attend to and wholesome mind are inter-dependant.

Balachikitsa is the bough of Ayurveda that deals and strength issues of children, from before conception to the age of sixteen.

Kaya Chikitsa in Ayurveda

Kaya chikitsa or kayachikitsa is the key turn-off of Astanga Ayurveda or eight-branched Ayurveda. Kaya means bulk and chikitsa instrument treatment.

Charaka Samhita by Acharya Charaka is the opening characters with the aim of gives elaborate education a propos Kaya chikitsa or Ayurvedic common medicine.

The practitioner necessity categorize leading the natural world of the character (rogi pareeksha), and then the character of the disease (roga pareeksha). This is an elaborate administer and goes finished different stages of assessing the dosha enter of the person, his/her corporal and mental capabilities, the stage of disease etc are all in use keen on credit before prescribing a medicine.

According to Charaka, the stiff has the power to medication any imbalances with the intention of occur to the body. The task of medicines is to revitalize the days force in our mass system, hence enabling our federation extent a beneficial state.

Diseases according to Ayurveda are the imbalance caused to the tridosha approach of body. imbalance in any one dosha can disturb the rest of extra doshas too. Thus, it is significant to fast assist the stiff reinstate the country of balance. The imbalances can occasionally be occurred due to the stroke of view or due to irregularities in sapta dhatu routine or due to deposit of malas (wastes or toxins).

Sodhan or distillation of the mass is the primarily thing about treating the body. Panchakarma is a method of full body cleansing to exorcise accumulated toxins beginning the system. Panchakarma is a pressing cleansing method, which involves five karmas specifically nasya, vaman, virechan, basti and rakthamoksha.

Spiritualist is treating the organization with snehan and swedan. Snehan is oil therapy and swedan is forcing the organization to sweat, in the manner of shaman.

Purva fate is the preparatory procedure for panchakarma and paschat-karma is the therapy to facilitate follows panchakarma.

The carcass genuinely has a inclination to expels accumulated bodily wastes (ama). At times, this expelling of lethal wastes can turn out to be testing for the body. The sodhan therapy is a way of assisting the body in expelling those toxins as of the body, in that way facilitating beneficial functioning of better part tissues.